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How to Plan for a Theme Park Vacation

Are you a Disney fanatic, a Potterhead or a fan of the fantasy world of Universal Studios? If your answer is yes then you must have surely have wanted to visit Orlando, Florida for its breathtaking entertainment complex and theme parks. Disney Magic Kingdom, Universal and LEGO LAND are iconic theme parks you can visit just to mention a few. With such a wide variety of parks to choose from, how do you make the most out of a single trip to these theme parks? Here are a few pointers.

First of all, ensure you buy your tickets from disney travel agent online to avoid the hustle of queuing in long lines in the burning summer heat. Every single minute should be dedicated to enjoying the rides and sites, so avoid spending time on an activity such as purchasing tickets which you could have easily done prior to your trip. It also allows you to make use of the discounts and deals made available online.

Ensure you pick good times to visit so as to avoid times where it is overcrowded as you may not get to enjoy the full experience. Holidays, school schedules and annual pass holders have a big effect on the schedules of a lot of Disney world and Universal theme parks as they tend to be packed and you may not get as much of a personalized experience as much as you’d want. It is noteworthy that buying a ticket online should be synonymous with downloading the Disneyland mobile app or the app for whatever theme park you would wish to visit as it has show listings, character locations, park maps, restaurant menus and information essential to your trip.

It would also be advisable to stay on site at one of the disney vacation planner hotels if you want an immersive and memorable experience. You will most definitely save more money if you make your bookings online. This will also reduce the amount of time you will spend on the commute as well as waiting lines to the theme parks as you will be given an extra magic hour benefit which grants you a one-hour early access to the parks and the most popular attractions. If it’s too much to stay on site, at least stay close by so that you don’t have to pay parking fees at Disney world or wait for shuttles.

Finally, make as much use of fast passes to minimize the time you spend on waiting lines. It is also wise to rent a locker while in the Disneyland so as to minimize your luggage while on rides. You can keep essentials such as sunblock, bottles of water, umbrella and even snacks in there to minimize spending as well as enjoy yourself to the fullest. Check out some more facts about travels at

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